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It’s the official newsletter of Wholistic Skincare Specialist.

We are your go-to source for achieving a healthy balance of beauty and well-being. Together we’ll explore the power of mindful practices, nourishing skincare and lifestyle habits, and the transforming benefits of massage therapy.

Discover the most recent beauty trends, expert advice, and thought-provoking articles on wellness-related issues. Our network of like-minded people strives to embrace the beauty of wholistic living, cultivating inner brilliance and outer glow.

A publication backed by readers is what fuels “The Mindful Wellness Journal.”

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Because we want you, the reader, to find this space valuable, we spend a lot of time gathering insightful, relevant, and inspirational content that will ideally encourage and fulfill you. A publication backed by readers is what fuels “The Mindful Wellness Journal.” And while much of what we publish will be accessible to everyone, most of it will be restricted to paid supporters.


  • A BI-WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: The “Mindful Wellness Journal” is your occasional reminder to be present. It is there to inform you of all the ways in which you can nourish yourself and improve your life.

  • SIMPLE & DELICIOUS RECIPES: Yeah, yeah … you’re not a cook. Or, better yet, maybe you are. Either way, you will have access to some of the most flavorful recipes that are super easy to prepare and light on your belly.

  • ALTERNATIVE HEALTH & WELLNESS TOPICS: These are themes that interest me as a licensed esthetician, wellness practitioner, and journalist. I will be discussing information about a range of alternative health and wellness subjects that has been supported by in-depth study and professional opinion.

  • Q & A’s WITH THE WHOLISTIC SKINCARE TEAM: Our team of wellness practitioners and collaborators are here to answer your questions and impart wisdom on any subject about living a more meaningful life.

  • BOOK and PRODUCT REVIEWS: There are a million self-improvement books and miracle beauty products on the market today. We are here to help you sift through it all. We’ll read the books, test the products, and freely share our professional opinions with you.

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Uncover the latest beauty insights, expert tips, and thought-provoking articles on wellness-related topics. Our community of like-minded individuals seeks to embrace the beauty of wholistic living, fostering inner radiance and outer glow.


We are a small family-run spa located on the northside of Chicago. At Wholistic, we're passionate about the mind/body connection and believe that in order to experience true wellness you must treat the body wholistically.